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Softball National Rankings: July - 10B #10-6




#10 Fully Loaded - Power Rating: 1270 



Our rankings begin with a team out of Lubbock, Texas as Fully Loaded comes in at No. 10. The team has a 15-16 overall record (9-0 vs. class B), with a 1270 power rating and 540 USSSA points.


The girls went 4-0 and outscored opponents 66-8 to win the WTX Spring One Day Fling. They also finished 2nd at both the Giant Side of Texas and 10th Monster Mash 6 GG.


The team, managed by Marty White, includes Katarina Acevedo, Emily Goolsby, Ycianna Hall, Megan Holland, Kate McCrady, Posey Pence, Christa Ramirez, MacKenzie Ramirez, Azelia Reyes, Jaiden Sierra, Jazrae Vasquez, Brittney Wheeler and Autumn White.



#9 PBG Lady Gators Blue - Power Rating: 1280



From Texas, we head east to the Sunshine State for our No. 9 team, the PBG Lady Gators Blue. The team has a 19-4 overall record (19-4 vs. class B), with 380 USSSA points and a 1280 power rating.


The Gators went 6-0, and outscored opponents 63-12 to win the Prowling in the Park tournament. The girls from Palm Beach also finished 5-1 to take home the title at the USSSA Walk on the Wild Side tournament.


Led by Chuck Jaloski, Jason Ioia and Corey Clary, the roster features Maegan Amsler, Merissa Chu, Camryn Clark, Brianna Clary, Gina Dieguez, Maya Dunham, Abby Garber, Madi Ioia, Alexa Jaloski, Sasha Judge, Sydney Long, Alexis Ratcliff, Carley Stefan, Tammi Stottsberry, Jenna Tucker and Sabrina Wright.



#8 El Paso Angels - Power Rating: 1288 


Our divine theme continues as another team of Angels finds itself in the rankings, the No. 8 El Paso Angels. The Texas team has a solid 18-7 overall record (11-2 vs. class B), with 410 USSSA points and a 1288 power rating.


The club won the Heart of Texas 6GG NIT with a 6-2 record, while outscoring its opponents 48-18. It also won the 2nd Annual Chiller Classic tournament by sweeping four games and finished second at the Southwest Snowball Shootout 4GG tournament.


Manager Gabriel De La Cruz guides a team that consists of Avery Bejarano, Savannah Bejarano, Charly Bujanda, Kameron De La Cruz, Leah Garcia, Danielle Gomez, Carla Gonzalez, Kaylee Hewitt, Valerie Lopez, Idalis Mendez, Alexia Morales, Elana Ornelas-Ryks, Julyssa Ortiz, Cassandra Rodriguez, Veronica Rodriguez and Andrea Romero.


#7 Plainfield Twisters Black - Power Rating 1297 



The Plainfield Twisters Black has overwhelmed its opponents this season in a way reminiscent of its own name. The team has a 18-7 overall record (15-3 vs. class B), with a 1297 power rating and 405 USSSA points.


The squad captured first place at the Romeoville Starzz Summer Classic tournament, going 6-0, and outscoring its opponents by a wide 52-6 margin. It also took second place at the St. Charles Comet Classic tournament, going 5-3.


Managed by Neal Callow, the roster is comprised of Isabella Aguilar, Kaelin Callow, Callie Dutton, Madeline Dwyer, Abby Fitzgerald, Caroline Hirschauer, Kaylin Klonicki, Amberly Rodriguez, Kaitlin Snider, Caitlyn Spreitzer and Kelsey Suntken.


#6 Jacksonville Storm 2001 - Power Rating: 1295 



Our No. 6 team has created miserable conditions for its opponents all season, the Jacksonville Storm 2001. The Florida team has a 33-12 overall record (26-3 vs. class B), with a 1303 power rating and 920 USSSA points.


The club won the Father's Day Classic tournament by outscoring its opponents by a staggering 60-2 tally. It also won the North Florida State Championship, the Panthers March Into Spring tournament and the USSSA Fusion Winter Melt Down tournament.


Managed by Addison Davis, the team includes Jaycee Brookshire, Bailey Cooley, Molly Crawford, Madisyn Davis, Caroline DePirro, Ella Dust, Hannah Foster, Taryn Freshwater, Bailey Goddard, Brooke Griffin, Jordan Hanly, Sierra Jevyak and Katelyn Kistler.


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