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Aye, Aye, Captain!

(Youth1) - In the summer of 2006, Julie Foudy, the former captain of the USA Women’s Soccer Team, launched the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy (JFSLA), where students learn the ins and outs of soccer and lacrosse from some of the best women players in the world.

aaaaaaaThe JFSLA is a week-long residential academy for girls ages 12-18, and focuses on teaching students the importance of sports and leadership.

In a statement made by Foudy on the JFSLA website, she explains, We believe The Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy is unique because we not only develop better soccer and lacrosse players, but most importantly, the girls leave INSPIRED to… be the change they wish to see in the world.’"

Besides Julie Foudy, who is a 2007 National Hall of Fame inductee, the Academy is led by World Cup all-star players like, Katie Chrest, Dana Dobbie, and Randall Goldsborough. The JFSLA’s philosophy is to “bring out not only the best player, but also the best leader in each student.”

As well as a focus on teaching the participating girls how to better themselves as soccer or lacrosse athletes, they learn about themselves on a deeper level as well. Throughout the weeklong academy, the JFSLA focuses on a curriculum that incorporates different themes such as: self, team, community, and life. The girls learn how to become a better self-respecting and self-disciplined leader, who can communicate well with others and find their own voice through the process.

The JFSLA has partnered with Girl Talk: an organization focusing on the “Choices and Consequences of Underage Drinking”.  Since professional female soccer players are role models to many young girls, the Girl Talk program seemed like the ideal partnership.

“This is the perfect partnership because we’ve been trying to get the message across to young kids to make smart decisions,” said Foudy in a statement made on “Underage drinking is a huge problem in this country and a cause for concern amongst parents and adults. I’m proud to be a part of the effort.”

The Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy is an establishment that focuses on harnessing young girls’ passion for soccer and lacrosse, and shows them how to transfer this mantra to all aspects of their lives. The JFSLA; teaching girls to be a strong leader both on and off the field.

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