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2014 VAC Holiday Duals Elementary Division Top Performers

VAC Holiday Duals, Elementary Top Performers

Much like their Middle School counterparts, the VAC Holiday Dual Elementary Division featured a number of standout performances this past weekend. Below, we take a look at some of the wrestlers who put on impressive performances by helping their team to victory. 

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2014 VAC Holiday Duals Middle School Top Performers

The 2014 VAC Holiday Duals wrapped up this weekend as 32 all-star teams from across the country competed for one of the toughest dual meet championships in the country.

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VAC Holiday Duals - Day 2 Recap

VAC Holiday Duals, Day 2 Update

Action picked up on Saturday at the Richmond Raceway, and the Gold bracket teams learned that no win comes easy at the VAC Holiday Duals.VAC Holiday Duals, Day 2 Update

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2014 VAC Holiday Duals - Day 1 Recap

VAC Duals, Day 1 Recap

A rush of talented young wrestlers filled the convention center at the Richmond International Speedway on Friday ready to begin the 2014 VAC Holiday Duals.VAC Duals, Day 1 Recap

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