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The Youthees Honor: Excellence in sport, community initiative, teamwork, and love of the game.  YoutheesHeader2013

 2013 Youthees Categories & Nominees

Voting for the 2013 Youthee Awards is now closed.  Thanks for making your voices heard.  

*Click a category to see the full list of nominees for each award. 

Winners will be announced May 4th, at 7:00PM


Boys Team of the Year
California Basketball Club
Georgia Bandits Baseball
Minuteman Flames 2001
Team Pennsylvania Wrestling


Girls Team of the Year
Ashburn Shooting Stars Gold
GA Pistols Elite
MSC Coyotes Green Soccer
Stick Benders


Coach of the Year
Gordy Beachnau
Mike Leong
Keith Primeau
Ben Sheets


Male Athlete of the Year
Dylan Moses
Cade Olivas
Phillip Rocha
Chaney Rogers


Female Athlete of the Year
Catherine Bellis
Emily Fitzsimmons
Sam Gordon
Daesha Rogers


Story of the Year
Sam Gordon
Elliot Mast
Crystal Metz
Jonathan Rengifo


Baseball Player of the Year
Darius Diaz
Yohandy Morales
Chaney Rogers
Emilio Vasquez


Basketball Player of the Year
Marvin Bagley III
Tavian Durrett
Zahree Harrison
Evan-Eric Longino


Football Player of the Year
Hank Bachmeier
DeJuan Ellis
Tate Martell
Dylan Moses


Hockey Player of the Year
Hank Crone
Sean Day
Sean Dhooghe
Kyle Kawamura


Lacrosse Player of the Year
Stephen Chase
Lauren Daly
Tyler Dunn
Nikki Ortega


Softball Player of the Year
Emily Fitzsimmons
Kayla Kenehan
Haley Kubal
Rachel Zingerman


Track Runner of the Year
Sean Lee
Phillip Rocha
Daesha Rogers
Lauren Williams


Most Outstanding Wrestler
Jaxon Cole
Drew Eller
Frankie Gissendanner
Cade Olivas


Photo of the Year
Brock Myers' LLWS Home Run
Will Lucas' LLWS No Hitter
Phillip Rocha Breaking Record
Spencer Lytle Mid-Air Goal

 To see a list of last year's categories and winners click here.


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