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"Thanks for the recaps of the Laker Lightning Classic. The boys really enjoyed reading them and looking at the pictures. What a great idea!"


“I think this is terrific what you are doing to highlight youth sports this way.  The platforms for younger players to be recognized are few and far between, so this website is of tremendous value and should be applauded.  On behalf of the 98 Georgia Elite-Moody softball organization, I thank you.”


"Many compliments for Youth1.  Here in South Florida, we have begun to get some Youth Coverage with highlights of our youth athletes- local media coverage. But having this media is extraordinary. It gives exposure across the country, which is very nice. We are always searching the web to see what’s going on across the country. This way, we have a one stop shop! You guys have everything!


“Hollywood honors its finest with an Oscar, and the adult athletic world acknowledges its stars with an ESPY; the national youth sports community now has its own award, the Youthee.” San Francisco Examiner


"Your journalism is by far the best I've seen that covers youth sports."


"Thank you for your time. People like Youth1 help kids in a way most people don't have the foresight to, I for one greatly appreciate it"


"Wow! I'm so flattered that you took the time to research running in Indiana and had this interest in our event! Thank you! I'll send a link out to all of the coaches from our registration data, our club families, club coaches, and post a link to it on “


"Thanks for the Youth1 initiative, it was very nice finding your website and its mission"


“I wanted to first say I love this website! You provide great insight to youth sports. I also wanted to let you know that there is a young phenom by the way of Tyler Ramson. He is 11U and currently plays for Hanks Bombers out of Sacramento Ca. Keep an eye out for this kid. He is a Center fielder, that bats left and has true speed!”


“This award for story of the year can only go to one, and [Sydney] is the one. Her story will stay with me forever, making a huge impact on me and everyone else. Cancer is afraid of Sydney, she is so completely amazing and strong that she kicked cancers butt to some other planet!”