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 Writing Style Guidelines

(Youth1) – Ever wonder why you love Youth1 articles so much? Other than the love for everything that is youth sports, most visitors of the website continue to ask for more content because of how well each piece is written. In order for the writers to maintain this positive reputation, they always stick to the important rules of journalism by following guidelines for writing. If you were ever curious of what those guidelines are, here are a few need-to-know instructions for any Youth1 article written by us or to be submitted by you.


  • Age/Time Descriptions
    • When expressed as a pre-noun adjective, use hyphens
      • Ex. “The 14-year-old soccer player.” or “The team is suffering a three-game losing streak.”
    • When used standalone or as a post-noun adjective, do not use hyphens.
      • Ex. “At 14 years old, the soccer player has won many trophies.” or “The soccer player is 14 years old.”
  • Writing Numbers
    • Numbers 1-9 must be spelled out
      • Ex. “The football team has five wins in three months.”
    • Numbers 10 and higher are written as digits
      • “The football team has won 15 consecutive games.”
    • Places and Standings (First vs. 1st)
      • Ex. “It was the team’s first loss of the season”
      • Ex. “The runner placed 2nd in the race” or “The football player is ranked 3rd amongst quarterbacks”
    • Exceptions
      • Scores and Stat lines
        • Ex. “The final score of the baseball game was 3-1. The pitcher had 8 strikeouts in 4 innings pitched.”
      • Measurements
        • Ex. “The basketball player is 6’6”.” or “The 6-foot-6 basketball player.”
      • Rankings
        • Ex. “The lacrosse team is ranked No. 1 in the country.” or “No. 4 Don Bosco Prep will take on No. 2 De LaSalle this weekend.”
      • Numbers Used in Titles and Headlines (written in digit form)
        • Ex. “The Top 10 Nicest Sports Figures” or “5 Steps for Better Coaching”
      • Proper Nouns
        • Basketball positions
          • Ex. “Shaq was the best 5 in NBA history” or “He has the best jump shot of any 2-guard in the country”
        • Rounds (Boxing/MMA)
          • The fight was over in Round 3”


                    • All sports positions are lower case
                    • Abbreviations of positions are in capitalized
                      • Ex. “WR (wide receiver)” or “PG (point guard)”
                    • Martial Arts
                      • Names of martial arts are lower case unless described as a specific type
                        • Ex. “She trains in karate” or “She trains is Shotokan Karate”
                        • Ex. “He practices jiu-jitsu” or “He practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”
                      • Black belt is lowercased in a sentence and is two words
                    • Age Divisions
                      • The “U” is always capitalized
                        • Ex. “14U” or “U14”

                    Tenses (Past, Present, Future)
                    • Paragraphs and sentences must usually contain tense consistency
                      • Wrong: “The baseball team traveled to the tournament and loses in the first round.”
                      • Right: “The baseball team traveled to the tournament and lost in the first round.” or “The team travels to the tournament and loses in the first round.”


                      • End of a quotation uses a comma when put before the description.
                        • Ex. “We played very well,” said the coach. “It was a great game.”