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AYHL 16U National Week Twelve Recaps

The AYHL season has moved on to week twelve; here are the results you may have missed from the 16U National squads.


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AYHL 16U American Week Twelve Recaps

The 16U American AYHL has moved through its twelfth week this past weekend. Here are all the results from the league teams active from Saturday, November 15 through Sunday, November 16.


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Special Contributor Feature: 7-Factor Analysis for Any Level of Hockey

For decades, hockey has been a statistically simple sport.  Players who score lots of goals and get lots of points are really good.  Goalies who let in lots of goals and have low save percentages are usually not very good.  Hockey isn’t baseball.  It’s not a series of one-on-one matchups with isolated incidences.  It’s a free-flowing game with a wide variety of variables.


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