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2019 TX D-Lineman Viramontes Pippens-Redic Talks Diamond Bowl

Viramontes Pippens-Redic went to the Diamond Youth All-American Bowl 8th-grade game expecting to win the player of the game award.

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Lucas and Nick Child Are Promising 2019 Utah Prospects

A brother is one of the greatest persons to have in life. A brother is someone to hang out around, spend time with, and support through the good times and the bad.

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NJ Native Norman Washington Looking to Shine for Team USA

Although this team is filled with terrific linemen, it would not be complete without Norman Washington.

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Avery Zoss Makes it Double Trouble For Team USA

Like his brother Holton, Avery Zoss will be part of the USA Football under-15 team this year, and this will be his second time joining the team. The Evansville, Ind.

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2019 OL Addison Batton Proud of Team Indiana

During his youth career, 2019 offensive lineman Addison Batton of Indiana had done everything an athlete could have.  Undefeated regular season, all-star game selections, MVP selections, even an Eastbay 

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